Easy to use twitter wall software

watch the video to see how social sticker can work for you at your next event.

A twitter wall that is easy to use

With Social Sticker, no additional software download is needed. Simply set up your social twitter wall and let it collect and display your social media interactions in the background, highlighting the latest tweets for an amazing, visual addition to your event.

No software to download

Fully Customisable

Social Sticker can be tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Your twitter wall can reflect your corporate branding, logos and location. You can use Social Sticker to enhance your events, or why not add it into your lobby to create an eye-catching feature to engage visitors and clients?

Fully Moderated Wall

Social Sticker includes moderation and advanced search. Collect and display your social media interactions using the hashtag or subject of your choice. Easily filter out negative and inappropriate messages to deliver the most positive social experience for your attendees.

Post Event Analytics

With Social Sticker, you can measure the impact of your social wall. Social Sticker keeps track of all tweets during your event and can provide a post-event breakdown of audience engagement and range of other insights and analytical functions.

Let a Twitter Wall liven up your events

Turn any event into an interactive experience as your event goers post to your Social Sticker Twitter Wall. From large conferences to one off events, sports events or business conferences. Social Sticker instant social media twitter wall will drive event engagement through the roof.

Boost audience participation, wow attendees and spread the social buzz. With Social Sticker, your event audience will experience real-time interaction on any subject you like.

Stick it on the wall, with Social Sticker. Sign up for free to try Social Sticker today.

Easy to set-up and use

More and more companies are using twitter walls to engage and share

Our visitors love seeing their comments displayed prominently, as it makes them feel part of the exhibition, not just passive observers.

Chloe Kirk

It’s so easy to setup and use, and the layout was really visually stimulating, much more than I expected.

Charlie Graham

We used the Social Sticker Twitter Wall for our Q&A session at the end of the conference with our expert panel. The speakers got to interact directly with the questions that were trending

Mark Christie

I’m sure seeing all the messages of goodwill, support and encouragement coming through spurred our runners on to finish in style!

David Malcolm