9 Tips for Using a Twitter Wall at your Event

Here at Social Sticker, we are great believers in the power of social media. Using a Twitter Wall can be a real boost to your social media activity at the events you run. A Twitter Wall will make your event more social, giving your delegates new ways to engage with your event, your speakers and each other.

Event Tweeting is Common

Go to any event or conference, and you’ll find people Tweeting about their experience; sharing pictures, commenting on things they like, asking questions and having fun. Because these live tweets only exist on Twitter, it’s important to integrate these valuable conversations into your event, so you can bring them to the full awareness of all your attendees.

It’s here that a Social Sticker Twitter Wall can really make the difference. A Twitter Wall can help you select the best Tweets and display them for all to see; projected on a big screen behind speakers, on side monitors in the main conference room, or anywhere your delegates will get to see them.

9 Simple Tips for making the most of a Twitter Wall

If you’re thinking about using a Twitter Wall at your next event, here are 9 simple tips that can help you get the most out of it, for you and your delegates.

1. Research hashtags thoroughly

Getting the right hashtag is very important. The best hashtags are short and precise. To find the right hashtag for your event, ask yourself these questions:

  • What words will attendees use to describe the event?
  • Is your hashtag obvious and simple?
  • Have you searched to see if your chosen hashtag has been used already?
  • Is your hashtag the same as your Twitter name? If so, change it! It can be lead to confusion between mentions and hashtags.
  • Have you included the year, eg. #CoffeeFest2018 or location, eg. #CoffeeFestLondon? This is important if, for example, CoffeeFest happens at multiple times or in different locations.

2. Tell everyone at your event about your hashtag

Promote it everywhere. Use it and display it days before your events. You can add it to:

  • Your website
  • Promotional banners
  • Delegate lanyards
  • Your Official Twitter account

By encouraging your attendees to use the hashtag before your event has started, you will increase your social media integration.

3. Advertise your list of speakers and their Twitter usernames

Many speakers display their Twitter usernames on the first slide of their presentation. But it usually goes fast and attendees don’t always have time to make a note of it. If you display the official usernames of your speakers during all your event, you can encourage more conversation before, during and after your event, increasing your social media reach.

4. Follow the most important delegates before the event

Some of your attendees will have real social media influence. Follow them on Twitter and encourage their interest in your event. You can also track what their interests are and make us of that.

5. Create a list of your event participants

In the middle of an event you will be under pressure. Searching for a user or their usernames to answer questions, post tweets about them, like, or share their content in the midst of it all is not going to do your blood pressure any favours. Put your most important attendees, speakers and influencers usernames in a list that can be accessed quickly.

7. Use a Twitter Wall!

Twitter Walls like Social Sticker, come with useful features to help collect and display the right tweet at the right moment. Social Sticker helps you search and collect tweets by either a hashtag or username to quickly highlight great conversations. In one click, you get every tweet related to your event. You can moderate which tweets you want to promote and which you don’t, choosing either to approve or reject each one.  Every tweet you approve is then displayed on your Social Sticker Twitter Wall. It really is that simple. Learn more how we help you and your next event HERE.

8. Always take your time and think!

If it is up to you to moderate the Twitter Wall and validate the content of every tweet, it’s important not to take everything for granted. Check all facts and figure and make sure any statement is correct. If the Tweet provides some new information, take the time to go though the profile of the user and see if they are a person to be trusted. Good questions to ask might be:-

  • Do they work for a company in the correct sector that would hold such information?
  • Have they tweeted about the subject previously?
  • Have they had adverse comments on previous Tweets?

By looking into these, you are minimising the risk of being taken in by a troll!

9. Manners should never be forgotten

Always be polite on Social Media. Thank attendees for live tweeting and give them exclusive content from your event. And always remember to be thankful; your attendees and their social conversations have helped to promote your event and company much further than you could ever hope.

Looking to use a Twitter Wall at your next event? Talk to us at Social Sticker, or sign up for our free account today.

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