Why Use a Twitter Wall at your Events?

If you’re planning any event – like a conference, a lecture, a networking session or any activity – it’s a must to include a Twitter Wall like Social Sticker.

Here’s why Twitter Walls can make the difference at your next event.

What is a Twitter Wall?

A Twitter wall displays tweets from audience members at your event. It is usually displayed in a prominent place throughout the entire event. This could be either behind or beside conference speakers, in the main hall, or on a central wall.

Twitter Walls Encourage Interaction

By their very nature, Twitter walls encourage interaction among attendees. It’s one of the most obvious reasons why a Twitter wall is a great idea. It promotes additional interaction during your event. Participants don’t just engage with each other face-to-face, they can also tweet to one another publicly.

Also, most of your delegates will most likely already be using Twitter to tweet about the speakers and activities and to talk to each other while at the event, so why not give them a public venue for their discussions?

Since the discussions that occur on a Twitter wall are visible to all event attendees, they give speakers more interaction and can create conversations and connections for networking. They can also encourage more reluctant attendees to actually participate, helping to raise the tempo of your event beyond the boring.

Twitter Walls Encourage the Use of Social Media at Your Event

Because you are displaying your Twitter wall so visibly, your audience has a constant reminder to use social media throughout the event. This means that they will tweet to each other more frequently, after all, lots of people love to see their names and comments up on the big screen.

What this means is more exposure for you and your event!

All the ideas you share on your Twitter wall are usually of a high caliber, as participants know that what they tweet will be visible to everyone else in the audience in real-time. Also, you can moderate your wall to make sure any simplistic or factually incorrect tweets don’t get displayed.

What you will find is that the Tweeters will challenge each other to intellectual debates, share innovative resources and expand on points made by your speakers.

All of this is being done publicly and as part of the fabric of your event, and you are getting it all as a free add on to your existing activity.

Twitter walls Extend the Reach of You and Your Event

Encouraging people to use the Twitter wall is a great way to promote your event to people and businesses who aren’t actually in attendance. Because your conversations are happening on Twitter, they will be visible to potentially millions of people, as anyone can view it if they know which hashtags or accounts to follow.

The ideas, conversations and topics that are being covered at your event can then spread far and wide across the social networks.

This is the sort of exposure for you and your brand that you just can’t buy, and leads to many more opportunities for a real, event-focussed community to develop around you and your business.

Want to try a Social Sticker Twitter Wall at your next event? Contact us or sign up for a free account today.





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