How to Make The Best Use of Social Media During Your Events

People love to share their experiences. Delegates who are enjoying your well planned and executed events are more likely than ever to want to share their experience, sharing their comments, pictures and videos whilst they are with you on the day of your event.

The content that delegates are sharing most of all, are images of the event itself. The social media platform Buffer found that eighty-five percent of in-event posts included multimedia elements, such as images, videos and live quotes. Only 15% were plain text.

To get social engagement, means making your event as photo-worthy as possible  to encourage your attendees to post, post and post, all the way through your events. Here are five simple tips for creating the perfect photo-friendly event for your delegates to get excited about.

1. Create A Photo Booth

It may be cheesy, but delegates love a photo booth opportunity. By creating a photo booth area you encourage your delegates to get involved and share their pics. Make sure you pay attention to little details so that your delegates can find great Instagram shots, Snapchat snaps or Twitter pics.

2. Share your Speaker’s Content

If you have keynote speakers or experts giving talks or workshops at your event, Tweet out and post their key quotes or most valuable points to encourage sharing. Take pictures of them onstage, especially if they dynamic speakers who can create a buzz in your room. Tag your posts with your event hashtag and @-mentioning the speaker. This will help your content spread virally as well, both with event attendees and with people watching from home. You don’t have to be a great designer or a professional photographer to get great interaction. Just make sure you place yourself in the right positions, plan your goals and stay organised.

3. Use A Twitter Wall to Display the Latest and Best Tweets

Using a Twitter Wall like Social Sticker at your event can be a great way of getting your delegates excited and engaged about using social media. Everybody loves seeing their own comments and tweets promoted on the big screen and you can use this to generate a real buzz. It increases the personal connection between attendees, your organisation and your speakers and can give you opportunities to get trending. Don’t worry about any adverse comments, Twitter Walls like Social Sticker come with full moderation available, as well as personalised company branding options, so you can really make a feature of your wall.

4. Sneak Peeks Behind the Scenes

At your event, you can create an engaging set of social posts by sharing backstage photos during the event. People love to see what’s going on behind the scenes. You can also highlight exclusive interviews with people at the event or your speakers, show preparation spaces and the fun and excitement of the event. Photos of guests or important attendees are great for all networks. At the same time, Facebook Live and Periscope can give you real-time posting of speeches or interesting interactions. Snapchat or Instagram stories are excellent as well for those “in-the-moment” captures.

5. Pose Questions to Interact With Attendees

Interactive content such as questions, polls or Q&A sessions are great for promoting social engagement. Ask attendees which performer, booth, or speech they loved most. Have someone on your team whose role it is to respond to any questions, issues, or comments that people send your way. Your Social Sticker Twitter Wall is ideally suited for this task. By displaying questions and answers on large screen or monitors, you can really get your delegates interested and contributing. Think about the questions you’d like to ask and what content you’d like to produce beforehand. This will make sure that the quality of the content you’re putting out is the highest possible, and it will also help to reduce stress levels on the busy days when your event is live.

If you’re running an event and need any help or assistance with your promotion, or you’d like to talk to us about using a Social Sticker Twitter Wall, contact us today.

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