How Can You Keep Your Audience Engaged After Your Events?

Your event is over, it was a roaring success (we hope) everyone who attended is enthused and excited about what you’ve done. How can you keep the buzz that you created before and after your event going well beyond the doors have closed?

Keeping the Conversation Going

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean the online conversation is. People will still want to talk about your event on social media for a period after they have left. How long this lasts depends very much on how much buzz you created at your event, and how well you manage the expectations for more information.

Here are 5 ways you can make use of social media after your event to maintain your event brand awareness and excite interest in future events you are planning.

1. Make the Most of Any Press Coverage

If you were lucky enough to have media coverage of your events, this is your chance to celebrate everything that you accomplished. A little bragging and sharing never goes astray, especially if you managed to get some great press. A good way of maximising this is to reach out to some journalists before the event and invite them to attend and experience it themselves.

2. Make the Most of Feedback

Much of the post conversation on social is divided between positive and negative feedback for the event. Stay ahead of the game by actively asking for feedback from delegates.

Share a post-event survey, to find out how they believe your next event can be better. Be open with your social followers and show them how you have listened to their ideas. If you do this, they will be even more excited to buy tickets for next time.

If you have positive feedback share it, revel in it and thank the contributors for their kind words. But don’t ignore any negative responses. Respond by thanking critics for their thoughts, and then take their feedback into account when planning your next event. If you do have a seriously bad review, you can always offer discounts for your next event by way of apology. Discounts can also be used to reward your loyal followers and advocates.

3. Nurture The Relationships That Have Been Built

Every event is a networking opportunity, so make the most of building relationships at your event and then nurture them afterwards.

To keep the conversation going with those who attended your event, thank any sponsors, and speakers and recap any important points your speakers made.

Remind your audience of any funny things that were said, or of really useful content that was offered. Give delegates the opportunity to remain in touch by reminding them of what they learned and how it can help them or their businesses.

4. Stagger The Release Of Content

If you recorded your speakers’ presentations or made any behind-the-scenes footage, post-event is a great time to release it. But, rather than releasing all of these assets in one go, you should create a strategy to distribute them over time.

There is no need to be too sparse with what you release, but try to keep customers engaged long after the event. Don’t forget to share a comprehensive post-event recap linking to any content across your social media channels.

5. Don’t Forget the Non-Attendees

The attendees who actually made it to your event aren’t the only ones you want talking after the doors have closed. There will often be a sizeable audience who would have liked to attend but were not able to.

Keep that audience aware of what happened by releasing relevant content. If everyone is talking about a topic that was covered at your exhibit, take advantage of that, and become the center of the conversation.

Doing that and keeping the non-attendees happy will make them more likely to get to your events next time.

Whatever you do, the important thing is not to let the buzz die, but always try to focus your followers on the next big thing. If you are able to keep their interest in this way, every event you run will be a social media success, before during and after the day.

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