Social Hype: How to build a buzz before, during and after your event

Though it may seem easy to put an event together, with social media forever changing, it is more important than ever to build up a buzz around your event online. Twitter is a wonderful platform for doing this, and the team at Social Sticker have put together some tips to ensure your event stays at the top of everyone’s mind (and feed).

Start a Hashtag

The first thing you will want to do is start a hashtag for people jump on board with. Though you event may have a name, if it is too long it will be too much to remember in one hashtag, so be sure to keep it no longer than three words and be sure that it also has a ring to it. For example, if Social Sticker were to run a conference, something as basic as #SocialStickerLive would be more than enough for people to remember.

Remember to keep using this hashtag with every tweet you write that is relevant to the event. It will encourage others who are talking about it to do the same and may even get it trending in your area!

Tweet on a regular basis

The difference between Facebook and Twitter is that you have a much smaller chance of seeing an old tweet unless someone has only recently retweeted it, or if it shows up in your “Here’s what you missed” list. The best way to ensure no one misses a tweet about your event is to bring consistent content to the feed.

This means you need at least three tweets a day (not including replies). Vary the times of these tweets to get a good idea of when you receive the most engagement. If you’re not sure how many original tweets you can think of, here’s a few ideas to get yourself started.

  • Countdowns to the day
  • Photos and graphics promoting the event
  • Special mentions to guest speakers and VIP attendees
  • Special mentions to brand partnerships
  • Hold a competition

Do people need to buy a ticket to your event? A great way to get your audience excited is to hold a competition for free tickets. By encouraging them to follow your twitter page and retweet your competition post, you have encouraged organic reach to extend your audience further.

Pin your event information

If you want your event to be the first thing people see when they visit your twitter profile, have a tweet with a link for tickets or more information pinned to the top of your profile so they can’t miss it.

Social Listening

It’s important to keep an eye on not only your hashtag, but similar hashtags. Why? If someone is talking about anything that may be relevant to your event and haven’t yet heard about it, this is a good opportunity to find them and let them know!

Blog posts

Does you company have a blog? If any of those blog posts have mentioned your event, then you should be sharing them on a regular basis to keep your audience up to date with what’s been going on. Though you may have already mentioned most of it in tweets, a blog post is a good way to keep you aurience caught up had they missed anything.

During the event – Twitter Wall

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Twitter and events if we don’t mention using a Twitter Wall. By using a Twitter wall at your event, you will be encouraging your guests to get involved and go crazy with that hashtag! It’s a surefire way to get people excited and start talking about what an amazing time they’re having via social media.

Live tweets and more social listening

Once your event is underway, you need to make sure that at least one person on your team is dealing with live coverage. They need to be on the ball, getting photos and videos of what’s happening, informing those who aren’t there that they’re missing out.

Don’t forget to keep retweeting and responding to those who are at the event and talking about it too. It’s important they they know how grateful you are to see them enjoying the event,

Thanks for the Memories

Once the event is over, you can’t just pretend like it never happened! By the end of the night you should have a collection of photos and videos to reuse in the future for #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday, and on any other day you want to remind people of that great night.

Again, you should have at least one blog post after the event about what went down, so be sure to tweet that out a few times!

If you found this guide useful and would like to use a Twitter Wall to bring even more excitement to your event, sign up today! If you’re still not sure if it’s the right option for your event, then take a look at our pricing options or contact us via the form at the bottom of our page to find out more.

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