How Brands Rely on User Generated Content, Especially at Events

These days we are living in a world where most content we see is user generated. However, that comes as no surprise when eighty six percent of millenials say that user generated content is an indication of good quality branding, and that sixty eight percent of users between eighteen and twenty four take into account the information shared with them via social media. Organic growth is a surefire way to see how well you are performing as a brand.

But why?

Businesses that are customer orientated are currently on the rise. Why? Because companies are now having to keep up with ever changing trends, and adapt to the next thing that will grab their audiences attention. As current trends only last so long, brands and businesses need to cater to their audience in ways that won’t lose their attention.

More so than ever are users aware of the brands that are just pulling another marketing trick out of a hat, and those who are creating content that is authentic and worth paying attention to. Users are no longer buying into marketing tactics, and want to see stories. They are looking for a way to connect and interact with others online.

Give the people what they want

User Generated Content is a way to bring people together. By using a combination of influence and emotional connection, brands are able to push out whatever information they wish to by getting users to do it for them. Not only is it building up natural, genuine interest, but it is a more cost effective method than spending hundreds to thousands of pounds on online and offline marketing.

Audiences are now much less passive towards advertising than they once used to be. They are more active in their decision making, who they listen to socially and who they wish to interact with. They are now actively skipping advertisements and will listen to opinions of others.

However, we still need balance. Though, people are starting to trust word of mouth more, and often look for that when they know what they are after, according to ComScore, when audiences are exposed to a mix of both marketing and user generated content, brand engagement is increased by twenty eight percent.

How a Twitter Wall affects UGC

When creating a Twitter Wall for your event, you are creating an invitation for users to get involved in the conversation. When they see others posting about what a great time they are having, they are more inclined to think “I want to share something too.” A Twitter Wall encourages your audience to take more photos, create short videos, share their gift bags and to talk about your event in general.

If you think that a Twitter Wall is what you need to get people talking about your event, then don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 641 4888, or email us at for more information. We would love to discuss how we can build you a personalised, filtered Twitter Wall to start a social thread at your event.

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