Twitter Wall for Education: More than just Events

A Twitter wall is of course wonderful for conferences and events, but if you’re in the education sector, have you ever considered using a Twitter Wall around school or University? You will find that most students really enjoy paying a lot of attention to their phones, so why not take advantage of this? This week we will be looking at how you can use a Twitter Wall in and around school or university, and how to get the most from it.

Twitter Wall for Open Days

An open day is perfect for welcoming potential students, as well as being an opportunity to informing parents, guardians, and other attendees of the history, traditions and beliefs of the school. A Twitter Wall is ideal for keeping attendees informed as they go, such as tour times, talks, lunch information and more!

Update Board

When students are on the go, sometimes it can be hard to pass on last minute information. Having a Twitter Wall in main halls can help keep information current, enabling students to be up to date on any unexpected changes to timetables, help new students find their way and so much more.

Twitter Wall for other Events

Well, that was the original purpose of a Twitter Wall! But think about how many sports events will be happening on campus, or what about prom? Graduation? There are so many events planned throughout the year where a Twitter Wall could come in handy.

Bulletin Board

Remember the days where people would stick a postcard sized piece of paper with “flat for rent” or “free bike” and wait eagerly for the phone to ring? Well, everything is digital now, so why not put a modern spin on an old classic by creating a Twitter Wall bulletin board to be screened in student union receptions for anyone to tweet requests, sales and more with either a hashtag or by tagging the account.

It is important, however, to maintain control over the messages being sent out, so here’s some handy tips to get the most out of a Twitter Wall in an educational environment.

Share Hashtags

In order to ensure that all tweets are relevant, visitors need to be aware of the hashtag they will need to use. Does the school already have a hashtag? Maybe you would like to create a new one specific to the event or purpose? For example, if your Twitter Wall was to be used as a bulletin board, the hashtag #UniBulletin could be used whenever a student wishes to share something.

Twitter Wall Moderation

It’s important to remember that whatever is being posted to the Twitter Wall needs to be relevant to the environment it is in. A clutter of pointless information is, well, pointless! Luckily, Social Sticker Twitter Walls can be monitored and moderated to suit what you think is best for your school or university.

Think about how to Display your Twitter Wall

Should it take up a giant screen, or is it not so desperate for attention? Regardless, you need to think about where the Twitter Wall should be placed. Think about the space around it and then you can determine a size. For example, if it’s in a hall, it may do well on a large projection screen. If it is to be placed in a reception or corridor, then it may only need to be displayed on a television. You could always duplicate the feed across televisions around campus.


Looking to keep with the school colours? No problem! It’s is completely customisable to go in line with how you want your school or university to be represented. Think about special occasions as well. Is the AU ball happening with a red carpet theme? Dress up your Twitter Wall to make it look like it’s a night at the Oscars! Your options for customisation are endless, and Social Sticker can help you to create what you need.

This is perfect for showcasing all aspects of your educational environment, so if you would like to talk to someone today about how it can be implemented in your school or university, get in touch with Social Sticker today to see how we can help.

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