Common Mistakes when Setting up a Twitter Wall and Hashtag Campaign

“What can go wrong, will go wrong.” – It’s not an incorrect statement. It applies to everyday life, and it applies to social media campaigns. There are so many blunders waiting for you when throwing together a campaign, but there are many things that can be easily avoided to help you create better hashtags campaign for your Twitter Wall.

Get Creative with your Twitter Wall

It’s so easy to get a Twitter Wall up and running, especially if you use services by Social Sticker. Though it can be set up in minutes, take your time to put together a design you know reflects your brand and event to the best of its capability!

Here are a few common mistakes people make when setting up Twitter Walls for their Events:

Overly Complicated Hashtag

Sometimes you can come up with an easy, short and sweet hashtag right off the bat. It could be something as simple as using your brand name, or maybe something associated with your event, but in some circumstances it may be difficult to fit a hashtag in. It may be because your conference or event name is too long or because the topic you are covering is too broad for a short hashtag.

A hashtag for your event should reflect what is happening without mentally wearing people out just from trying to remember it. It’s also important to make sure that the hashtag isn’t already in use by someone else, as this may cross the two and cause confusion.

Lack of Promotion

Many people seem to think that the second they set up a hashtag for the event, people will use it upon arrival, but it really isn’t as simple as that. In order to ensure people use the hashtag during and after your event, it’s important to promote the use of it leading up to the day. Put it on your Facebook page and in social media posts, mention it in your newsletters, brand a product with it and incorporate it into any online advertisements you may be pushing out.

No Moderation

Some people are trolls and spam is everywhere. It is the internet after all. Though you can’t prevent what people share, you can prevent it from being shared onto your Twitter Wall. As we have always mentioned, Social Sticker offer a moderation service to keep your events clean and to have them only share the content you want people to be paying attention to.

Lack of Engagement

A hashtag cannot thrive without its creator leading the way. As the individual running the hashtag campaign, you need to be there, yelling it into the social media void. Connect to your audience, take part in the conversation, retweet and reward user generated content. Social media works both ways, as do hashtag campaigns. How do you expect it to grow in popularity if you’re not making a big deal out of it?

Design Flaws

The “design” of your hashtag is important, but the design of your Twitter Wall needs just as much attention. You may find it beneficial to put extra thought into this, and perhaps involve a graphic designer depending on what you wish to do. Here are a few things to consider with the design of your Twitter Wall:

  • Upload your logo into the header
  • Use brand colours
  • Upload a relevant, gentle background image that won’t overshadow the feed
  • Make sure posts and hashtags are easy to view and read

As you can see, avoiding these five mistake is easy when setting up a hashtag campaign and Twitter Wall. In most cases, it’s just about doing that little bit extra to make sure everything is more than just “good.”

You may find it to be a bit too much effort to add your brands logo, but what you will get in return is a crowd of people who now know your name if they didn’t before.

Go through this list or put some time aside to go through your Social Sticker Twitter Wall thoroughly before getting your hashtag campaign up and running. Double check that everything is set up how you want it to be and that it reflects your campaign as you imagined.

To get started with setting up a Twitter Wall for your event, get in touch with Social Sticker today!

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