Digital Signage and your Twitter Wall

Social media has played a key role in the world of marketing for many years now, it’s nothing new. What is new, however, is digital signage and how it is transforming the way customers use social media for an array of service reasons, whether it be a restaurant or a hotel. While the time of connecting with users via aspects such as mail marketing is dying out, new methods include catching customers during the times they are likely to already be on their phones and providing them with certain hashtags and usernames to connect with your brand.

So what is social and digital signage?

If you think about it, digital signage has actually been around for years. For example, café chalkboards that tell us the soup of the day are simply forms of signage for a business. Everything these days has simply been taken up a notch. Instead of basic colour and text, we have high-tech screens and projections flashing wherever we may go. Things such as the slideshow menus at many fast food chains or arrival and departure boards at train stations and airports keeping you informed that you’re going to be late again.

How does Digital Signage affect my Event?

As a brand manager, you can utilise digital signage to connect with your customers. Think about your event. You have a large group of individuals attending your conference and a fair few will already be on their phones. Would you rather have them be checking emails or would you want them tweeting that they are at your event? Having social signage around your event space pushes the idea of posting to attendees without you having to say a thing, making the posts more organic.

Interactive Digital Signage

You can even make your digital signage interactive. This could involve collecting emails for giveaways, a photo booth that can post straight to their social media, or you could even encourage engagement with a Twitter Wall. Get your attendees engaging with your brand and hashtag to see their posts on the screen within seconds. We have mentioned the benefits of using a Twitter Wall at your event before, so you know it’s guaranteed to bring in more engagement!

Boost your Social Media with Digital Signage

Your audience is already on social media, so you should use that to your advantage! Use digital signage to entice them when you know the time is right, with the relevant information to get them posting away. Not only will this increase your exposure by having attendees post, but it can start a ripple effect, leading to their followers wanting to know more about your brand and perhaps join in on the conversation if they wish they could have made it or would love to know about the next event available.

In addition, coming up with new content throughout the event can be difficult, so it’s a great idea to get user generated content to keep it updated naturally (though it’s still important to have a selection of tweets planned to share at particular times to push out conversation). How easy is that? Investing in a Twitter Wall with your digital signage will bring in wonderful returns in terms of engagement and social sharing.

To Summarise

If you are hosting an event where you can catch attendees with their phones in their hand (which is more than likely) then digital signage is certainly something you should consider. You don’t want to hold an event that no one is talking about. Promote what’s on the agenda, inform people of your sponsors, let everyone know which food services are available, share competitions and photos! There is so much a Twitter Wall and digital signage can do to get people engaging with your brand and event.

If you would like to project a Twitter Wall at your event, and would like it designed to reflect your brand, then get in touch with Social Sticker today to see how we can build up interaction with your attendees.

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