How to use Hashtag Tracking to Boost your Event

Hashtag tracking is one of the most underrated techniques that digital marketers and event planners use. We are all familiar with the power of the hashtag, but many marketers and event planners take the time to go in depth and analyse how a hashtag is affecting our digital marketing efforts.

When used in the correct manner, a hashtag can be a wonderful tool for discovery. It has the potential to expand your reach or group posts around the same ad campaign. Regardless, too many of us pick out a hashtag and stick to it without tracking its performance. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you track the performance of your chosen hashtags.

Choose the right hashtag for hashtag tracking

When it comes to designing a hashtag around your event campaign, you will find that some are easier to track than others. Hashtag tracking for something that is too popular will be lost in the crowd and you won’t be able to identify mentions that are relevant to your event. You need to be sure that the hashtag you choose is relevant to your brand.

Finding new hashtags around your hashtag tracking

If you are looking for a hashtag that is unique, or perhaps you would like a fresh pair of eyes, services such as Hashtagify will allow you to look at hashtag analytics so that you can choose what works well with your event and will offer suggestions that you may not have already considered.

Hashtag trends are forever changing. To ensure that your hashtag is current and easy for people to catch onto leading up to your event, signing up to services such as keyhole will keep you informed of what hashtags are trending, so you can implement certain words into your hashtag that you think is relevant.

A Twitter Wall from Social Sticker is a great tool for the day of your event as not only will you be able to see who is using your hashtag, but the live feed will encourage others to jump on the bandwagon and take part in the conversation. By the end of your event you will have lots of tweets to keep track of through your hashtag which should provide you with lots of feedback that you can use for your next event.

Use Tweetdeck to make hashtag tracking easy

Before the day of your event, and before you have your Twitter Wall up and running, you should consider setting up hashtag tracking on Tweetdeck. Tweetdeck allows you to save a range of customised streams and saved searches so that you can monitor who is using your hashtag and what they are talking about. This will give you a better insight into what people want from the event as well as an opportunity to engage with your audience.

Use hashtag tracking to Identify your Influencers

To get hashtag tracking from many people as possible before your event, you need to find influencers. You can start by using hashtag tracking to identify who is already using the hashtag and keep an eye out for those who have high levels of engagement and high follower counts. From there, find a way to work with them.

A small freebie could go a long way, but you could also consider the idea of making them a VIP at your event if they are attending. Offering an influencer more detailed insight into your event means they can provide you with plenty of social media coverage, including content for your Twitter Wall!

Use hashtag tracking to take part in the Conversation

Hashtag tracking is completely worthless if you are not taking part in the conversation. If you’re using Tweetdeck, it should be easy for you to type out a quick response to keep the conversation going.

Though you want to bring more people to your event, this is not the place for a sales pitch. This is simply an opportunity to add to the conversation, even if it is merely a little bit of trivia. Answer questions, respond with GIFs and emojis and let conversation flow.

Share User Generate Content

If you are running a user generated content (UGC) campaign or a hashtag campaign for your event, then you are essentially creating a well of content that can continue to grow over time. Hashtag tracking is a way to ensure you don’t miss a single post, helping to make the most of all UGC that is being created. However, you are not truly making the most of it until you share it.

Contact Social Sticker

Hashtag tracking is an underrated approach to marketing your event and getting your Twitter Wall warmed up, so it’s something to seriously consider when planning your event. For more information about using a Twitter Wall at your event, email Social Sticker today.

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