4 effective ways to get your conference presenter using Twitter

A conference generates buzz throughout the whole process of its existence, and your conference presenters play a big role in this. Whether they are hosting the entire event, presenting on a panel, or giving a series of workshops, there are many opportunities your presenter should be taking to connect and share event content with your followers.

Have your Conference Presenter tell their followers that they will be at your event

It is important that your conference presenters help you spread the word before your event takes place. They can start by telling their followers early on that they will be presenting. Make sure they share their excitement, let people know about the topic of their talk and when and where the event is happening. If they have the time of their talk, they should also be informing their followers on that as well, so they know when to look forward to seeing the presenter in action.

Make sure your Conference Presenter is Twitter Wall Ready

Attendees are going to share photos of your conference presenters and their slides as they speak, and these are likely to end up on your Twitter Wall. Make sure that your presenters create slides and demonstrations that are photo worthy to boost interest of others who may not be at the presentation at the time.

Strong visuals such as charts, tables, photos and videos are perfect for conveying data and personality of presentation. People are listening for sound bites, insights and key takeaways which they may quote or share onto Twitter, so be sure that your presenters are ready for this so that your Twitter Wall pops with insightful content.

Make sure your conference presenters link to your event conversation

In your conference presenters event-related tweets, it’s important to make sure that they use the event hashtag as well as your handle. Politely encourage that they do so and ask that they include this information in their presentation deck and handouts so that the conversation can continue to flow after the event is over. If they tweet during the event, which they should, make sure they are using the hashtag then as they will appear on your Twitter Wall, encouraging others to do the same.

Have them stay on game after their presentation

Even when the buzz winds down, it is important for your conference presenters to keep the conversation flowing. Encourage them to interact with other conference presenters, panellists and attendees.

Make sure that your conference presenters remain active after the event with Q&A sessions, event recaps and interviews. Remember to thank you conference presenters when their session is over, as it should encourage a thank you in return and add more conversation to your Twitter Wall.


From start to finish, having your conference presenters come prepared with a tweet strategy can do wonders for your Twitter Wall and your Twitter engagement and following throughout. Having a selection of conference presenters who speak highly of your event will give you a good reputation for future events, bringing in more attendees and social conversation.

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