Live Tweeting at Events

Social media is now a huge part of every event, and Twitter is the top platform on that list. Live tweeting is an essential ingredient to the success of your event. This week we are discussing how live tweeting can boost your social following during your event and what you can do to get conversation flowing.

Why Should People Live Tweet?

The official line from Twitter says that: “Live tweeting along with an event as it unfolds drives engagement on Twitter and builds buzz.” Though this is certainly true, it offers so much more for the event organisers:

  • Event reach expands
  • Engagement increases during the event
  • Social media followers increase
  • Event and brand message spreads
  • You can connect with potential collaborators or partners
  • Builds website traffic

Live Tweeting During the Event

The hardest part of live tweeting is to know what to tweet and in what format. The main thing to think about is live tweeting valuable information and key takeaways that are valuable to both attendees and to anyone else who is following your event on Twitter:

  • Key takeaways from sessions
  • Good questions from attendees
  • Identify the most relevant and important points that speakers make and share them with your followers
  • Share links mentioned in sessions (always check the links work first)
  • Photos/videos/gifs – make sure the photos are at good angles and edit them before you post to make them stand out.
  • Add texture/value – go to that next level to summarise it more effectively. If the speaker references a tool, a book or a website add links to that information.

There are a few things you need to ask yourself to make sure that your tweets are of value.

  • Are you saying something that isn’t too obvious?
  • Why are you live tweeting it?
  • Will your followers – and others following your hashtag – find what your sharing to be useful?

There are a few things to remember when you are live tweeting. Spelling and grammar may seem obvious, but it is also often overlooked. Be sure to take a breath and check your tweets before you send them to make sure that nothing is incorrect or sends the wrong message. Remember to provide compelling and visual content as and when you can.

Get speakers to use the hashtag

Last week we discussed how to get your event presenters to live tweet during the event. Getting them to take part encourages your attendees to do the same, creating more talk around your event on Twitter.

Social Engagement

Keep an eye on everyone who is live tweeting and get involved! You will find that many may be reaching out to you with questions and its up to you to stay on top and respond as much as you can. Don’t stress yourself out, however. If you have basic information scheduled to be shared throughout the day then you will have less questions to answer.

Invest in a Twitter Wall

We can’t talk about live tweeting if we don’t mention getting a Twitter Wall from Social Sticker. We have spoken many times before about the benefits of a Twitter Wall at your event, but the main point is that it encourages conversation throughout the day.

Tip for responding to people who are live tweeting

If you want to reply to a tweet and have it seen on your Twitter Wall, we encourage you put a full stop or other wording before their Twitter handle @username. This ensures that it won’t get lost in the feed. If you don’t then the only people who will be able to see it will be those who follow both your event page and the user who is interacting with you. For example:

Great point @username – we agree with you completely!

Now you have a basic breakdown of things to know about live tweeting during your event, it’s time to get ready for the big day. A Twitter Wall is a great tool to encourage live tweeting, so look no further. Talk to the experts at Social Sticker today to see how we can

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