New to Twitter? Read our Quick Guide on using Twitter for Events

You would be surprised to know how many companies say that they don’t use Twitter to promote their brand. For many business owners, it doesn’t seem like something of importance. But when your business is ready to host its first conference or event, covering all social platforms is essential. This week, we shall be discussing what is on the surface of setting up your Twitter for events.

Your Event Account

The first thing we should mention is that the account for the event should be set up at least six months prior to the big day.  When you decide to set it up, start with the name. It’s important to keep it short and sweet as you want it to be something people will remember. If you have hopes that your event will an annual thing, you need to be careful that your name doesn’t have a specific year on the end.

Your bio should be straight to the point. Avoid nonsense, simply get the information out that you wish to share. The link should also go straight to your website, not any other social channels. Your location? That should be the city where your event is to be held, and it’s a good idea to geo locate your tweets as well.

Selling Tickets using Twitter for Events

When using Twitter for events, you have a wonderful platform to sell tickers. It’s often recommended that you invest some of your marketing budget into Twitter Ads, as this will reach those who aren’t even following you. Organic reach will only get you so far, but Twitter Ads will take you much further in such a small amount of time.

Using Hashtags

We have spoken many times before about the importance of choosing the right hashtag when using Twitter for Events. The hashtag is a great way for people to click on the “discussion topic” and find the entire feed to see what the fuss is about. When you have chosen the right hashtag for your event, the next step is to track it. This will give you all the information you need for expanding your audience.

Fostering Hashtags

One of the most effective ways to foster hashtags when using Twitter for events is to have a Twitter Wall. At first, many assume that a Twitter Wall is of no real use at an event, but our expertise can tell you that this is simply not the case. Twitter Walls are amazing tools for boosting engagement during your event, and there are many ways you can use it to your advantage to get more from your attendees.

When you come to Social Sticker for a Twitter Wall, you are getting more than just a screen with a few tweets. Our services offer moderation to ensure only the right engagement is screened, customisation to follow your branding guidelines and a variety of layout options so that it can look as sleek as you wish it to be.

Getting your Team Confident with Twitter for Events

If you don’t have a social media team/individual or someone who has experience using Twitter for events, then you may find yourself facing a few blunders along the way. If your event has over 100 attendees, then the volume of tweets may become overwhelming for your team to handle.

It is important that you have someone on your team who is confident to enough to manage social media and have online tools to make things easier. Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social are just three of many scheduling web applications that can keep your content flowing on days where you may not be able to give your social channels as much attention as you would like.


We hope you found this guide to be helpful for using Twitter for events. Though there is more to using Twitter for Events than this, it is important to have a brief understanding before you dive any deeper. If you would like to learn more about how to make the most out of your Twitter Wall and receive as much engagement as possible, then check out the rest of our blog. For more information regarding our Twitter Wall service, email Social Sticker today.

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