Ways to Encourage Engagement at your Event

User-generated content is something we have spoken about in the past. When it comes to the day of your event, however, engagement should be at its peak. With so many people to connect with in such a short amount of time, this may seem like a daunting task. How can you get everyone involved in the conversation? Don’t worry, Social Sticker are here with all the information you need to encourage engagement at your event during for the world to see.

Use a Twitter Wall to Encourage Engagement at your Event

You all knew it was going to be mentioned at some point, so why not mention it straight away? Screening your Twitter Wall wherever attendees will be, is sure to encourage engagement at your event. Be sure to have a large screen in the main area as that is where you will find most attendees. The more who see the conversation, the more who will want to join in.

Encourage the Use the Event Hashtag

It is safe to say that we have spoken a lot in the past about having a hashtag at your event, but that’s because it is so important! Having your attendees include your hashtag in their tweets will stretch out the conversation further, allowing those who are following your event from afar to see what they are missing out on.

Be sure to make everyone aware of what your hashtag is leading up to the day and have your door staff mention it as people walk through the door. It is also a good idea to post signs around the event space to keep reminding people and, of course, it should be seen on your Twitter Wall as well.

Ask Who is Attending

Morning of the big day? Wake up your attendees by sending out tweets asking who you should expect to see there. Those who are truly excited are sure to respond, pushing the conversation early and getting others just as excited!

Ask for Photos and Videos to Encourage Engagement at your Event

We are more than aware of how much of an impact visual content has on grabbing audience attention, but you can do more than just share out our own. Get your attendees to tag you in their photos and videos and get retweeting so others can see what is happening and join in.

Worried you won’t get enough content from your attendees? Hold a competition for the best imagery or best moment and watch your social coverage shoot through the roof!

Tweet from the Presentations

Share quotes, insights and more to further encourage engagement at your event. Ask them what their favourite moment from guest speakers, or if they have any quotes they would like to share. Make sure you share out the speakers Twitter handle so that your attendees can tag them in their tweets too.

Keep asking and answering questions

Although you would like to gather feedback at the end of the day, it is best to ask questions throughout while the event is fresh in peoples’ minds. Gather this information throughout the day so you have lots of feedback as well as engagement from your event.

Do your attendees have any questions? Keep an eye on this as the quicker you respond, the happier they will be with you for being so on the ball. Be as informative as you can so that your attendees are satisfied with your response, and if you are receiving any engagement from those who cannot make it, always be friendly and pass on any information for upcoming events so they don’t miss out again.

Have Basic Information Ready

There may be some general questions that your attendees will have, such as where the nearest washroom is, what food vendors will be there, what time certain presentations and talks are taking place, and much more. Have tweets scheduled to be shared on your Twitter Wall for your attendees to retweet and pass on to others who may be following. It could also further encourage engagement at your event as it may lead to more questions from your attendees.

Talk to Social Sticker

If you would like to encourage engagement at your event through the use of a Twitter Wall, then look no further. Contact Social Sticker today to see how our fully customisable Twitter Walls can complete your event and get people talking.

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