Three Pieces of Event Tech We Recommend

We are living in a digital age where event planners must be up to date with the latest trends in the industry in order to remain relevant. You cannot host a good event if you lack certain technological aids. This week, we have three personal favourites of event tech you cannot ignore when it comes to adding a touch of tech to your event.

Live Streaming Event Tech

Don’t you just get an amazing rush when you discover your carefully planned and marketed event is sold out? However, it can be a shame to limit your reach to only those who can actually attend. If you want to keep reaching out to those who could not get a ticket in time, live streaming is a great method.

Live streaming is a wonderful way to create online buzz during your event while eliminating downtime for your guests. Whether they couldn’t afford the ticket, could not buy one in time or could not get to the venue, this is an ideal alternative. Not only will they be able to remain a part of your event, but they will also be encouraged to share out user-generated content. This means more exposure for your event!

This extra reach is also the perfect opportunity for your sponsors. Having them take part adds visibility and creates shareable content that will continue to be shared once the event is over. It is worth bearing in mind that if you wish for your content to be shareable and long-lived, then think quality. Try to avoid going down the amateur route. Make sure that your audio and video quality is as high as possible by investing in proper equipment and crew.


RFID event tech is currently one of the most discussed event planning trends of the year. From seamless access=control to cashless payment, this is one piece of event tech that allows event organisers to generate more revenue while facilitating the process of on-boarding guests. It’s a win-win all round!

RFID also provides extra layers of security by easily allowing event organisers to manage where guests are situated and permitted to be on site. Also, products of RFID, such as bracelets and badges, make for a great branding opportunity and perhaps fun keepsakes for attendees!

Twitter Wall

Now, we could not talk about our top choices for must-have event tech without mentioning the perks of having a Twitter Wall! We truly believe that there is no better way to optimise your digital signage during the event.

A Twitter Wall with Social Sticker will allow you to demonstrate on the forefront your social media content, promote time relevant offers, display conversation in real-time and much more. They are easy to install, personalise and can be monitored so that you can be sure only the right comments are screened in front of your attendees.

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Want to know more about the wonderful things you can get from using a wonderful piece of event tech such as a Twitter Wall with Social Sticker? Click here! If you would like to know more about our services and are interested in the idea of using a Twitter Wall at your next event, then get in touch today.

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