7 Tips to keep your Event Presentation Interesting

Presentations can be rather dull, monotonous and rarely look professional. If you want your audience to get talking about your presentation and share it socially, then it needs to be top notch. This week we have 7 tips to help keep your event presentations full of life. After all, you want your audience to believe that your content is as interesting as it sounds!

Start your Event Presentation with a Great Template

Unless you are an expert at InDesign, or you have a creative team at your disposal, it may be best for you to begin with a solid slide template. Though the ones in PowerPoint are okay, they’re the basis for thousands of other presenters around the world.

Websites such as Prezi provide a variety of presentation templates. These templates have been designed to help you deliver certain types of content. From gantt charts for project management updates to finding interesting ways to visualise a marketing funnel for your sales presentation, they have your back.

Use Alternative Fonts

Stock and standard fonts are used by pretty much everyone. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, it’s all been done before. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, especially if you want your event presentation to stand out. However, you also want it to be appropriate. A font that consistently adds to a presentation is Futura.  Futura combines classicism with modernity. This makes it an ideal font to use within a professional environment.

Think about Icons

If you are looking to make your lists of summaries or points look fresh, then think about icons as opposed to bullet points. Icons are a great way to give your event presentation its own personality. For example, instead of using a square or circle, consider opting for a speech bubble or thumbs up. This is effective for breaking up the monotony of an event presentation.

Keep the Images Consistent

For many people who do not have a dedicated photography or creative team, you may be likely to turn to Google Images (thank goodness we no longer rely on clip art). However, there are many websites and apps where you can find unique images to bring your event presentation to life. 123rf is a good website with a wonderful range of images and graphics to choose from.

If you are fortunate to have access to a creative professional, it is worth the investment. This will keep your images consistent and will reaffirm your initial message as opposed to serving as a distraction.

Say Goodbye to Animations

Implementing animations is a step backwards for your event presentation. It is rare for people to wish to see them and even less to enjoy them. On the off chance that you must use them, be sure to do so as sparingly as possible. Animations are extremely distracting to the audience and will remove the focus from your key message.

Not only are they an unwanted distraction, the reason why many people use animations is to implement lots of content into one slide. This is a major indicator that the slide is much too crammed. Instead, think about splitting the content into two different slides and improve it from there.

Use Slides to Back up your Points

The premise behind your event presentation is that it offers a supporting communication medium to help get your point across. Slides are there to back up your message, not deliver it for you.

However, you will still need to be sure that your slides are aesthetically pleasing and easy to digest. Make sure that you avoid large chunks of content. Instead, think about using infographics. Infographics are perfect because they can transform sets of data into easy to interpret visuals. Members of the audience can glance at the infographic whilst you deliver the implications of the infographic. Overall, your event presentation is a highly visual channel of communication.

Wrap it Up

Many large corporates love showing off their logo. Doing so generates awareness and exposure for consumers. However, if you are looking to present to an audience, they already know who you are talking about.

Logos are not necessarily needed on every slide unless they already appear to be incorporated into your current theme. A logo can crowd the slide and make it seem rather bulky. However, it is important that you remember to include contact details at the end of your event presentation. Not only is it beneficial for yourself, but also to your audience. They then have the opportunity to reach you if they have any questions. You can also use it as a great means of networking.

Contact Social Sticker

However you would like to keep your event visually pleasing, it would not be complete without a Twitter Wall. Contact Social Sticker today for more information.

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