Things to Consider before Booking an Event Photographer

Every business wants their events to be a success. This means photography must be absolutely perfect. You have a budget to work with and are in the research process of finding the perfect event photographer. However, before you decide to book someone, there are questions to be considered. This will enable them to come up with an accurate quote and ensure you get the most for your money.

There are only a few hours to capture your event, and if you want any on your Twitter Wall, you need someone who is fast, efficient and can take the best photos that will make the evening even more memorable. This is why you need to be prepared. Here are the things you must consider before choosing a photographer.

Things to Decide before Choosing an Event Photographer

It is essential that your needs are defined and communicated clearly. It’s one thing to say you need someone to capture your event, but you need to be sure that every detail is covered so that you don’t find yourself with any unexpected costs.

What do you want the Photos for?

Press releases, marketing and editorial material, social media and print. What is the purpose of these images that you want taken? This will play a big role in the conversations you will have with an event photographer. This will help them decide how they are going to take the images, from whether they will be fun or formal to what the composition should be.

How will you use the Photographs Afterwards?

The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 states that the photographer owns the copyright to their photographs. It is important to conclude a formal agreement where they can appear. Also, be sure to check if the photographer needs credit and if so, where?

You are only allowed to use photographs from a professional photographer in the way that was agreed when originally commissioned. If that changes later, you may have to agree on an additional fee. Be sure to cover all bases from day one.

How soon do you need access to the phots?

Do you need some basic shots to be uploaded onto your Twitter Wall on the day of the event? Perhaps you need to send out a press release the next day? Can you wait a few weeks before sharing an image library with attendees? The end of the event is only the first half of the process for the photographer as they will then spend hours choosing and editing their shots. It is important to discuss the turnaround time with the photographer to see if you can pay an extra fee for a faster service.

In your brief, you will need to outline the schedule of the event, the style of shots required and what you want capturing. There are also other questions you can ask for making the best decision for your event.

How do you Plan to Set Up the Event Venue?

Having a photographer who is already familiar with the venue for your event comes with benefits. They are already aware of the best vantage points, what lighting to expect and what lenses they will need to bring with them. Even if they cannot explore the area before the event, ask them to arrive early to look around and make an assessment as to the best places for capturing the action.

What Equipment is Needed?

This depends on the type of imagery you are after and the conditions at the venue.  What time of day does the event take place and will the lighting be natural, flashing or spotlights? Will the action be taking place across a range of areas, such as a stage or presentation area? If so, how close will they be able to get?

You won’t need to know if they need a tripod, off-camera flash or reflector, but providing them with an accurate description of the event environment will help them pack all the equipment that is necessary.

Will they need an Assistant?

There is only so much ground one photographer can cover. If there are overlapping seminars or performances, they may need an extra pair of hands. Similarly, if it’s a case of identifying people to photograph and sticking to a schedule, you or a colleague may be able to offer support. This can keep costs down.

Invest in a Twitter Wall to Showcase your Event Images

Having good photos is great, but they will look even better on your Twitter Wall. Social Sticker can provide a wonderful Twitter Wall that will encourage your attendees to spread the word during the event. Get in touch for more information.

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