Why More Event Marketers Should Use a Social Wall

As an event marketer, it is your job to design and put together each aspect that goes into creating a successful event. You will spend generous amounts of time making sure each detail is perfect so that everything will run as efficiently as possible. With so much on the line, that providing that WOW factor for guests is going to be quite difficult. Keeping your guests entertained during intervals can also be quite a challenge, but that’s where a social wall will come in very handy.

What is a Social Wall?

To summarise, a social wall is a live feed of posts from social media platforms such as Twitter, which is also commonly referred to as a Twitter wall. A social wall works by having public content pulled in by a social media aggregator based on specific elements in the Tweet. This can include elements such as a particular hashtag or a social handle. This is then displayed onto a digital screen or sign. This is done automatically and can run on its own throughout an event, ensuring your screens are always busy with user-generated content.

Why Should an Event Marketer Use a Social Wall?

There are many reasons as to why an event marketer should use a social wall. The first, and most important, is that it is a wonderful way to increase social engagement during the event. Many will jump at the chance of fifteen seconds of fame. What better way to get this by having their picture or post on a large screen for everyone to see? It can make other guests wish to be more involved during the event.

Another reason is that a social wall can help to create dialogue. Think about how many conversations about the event can be formed from one simple post on a screen. If your events are held on a regular basis, a social wall can help to build word of mouth marketing. This could attract more guests for the next event.

Finally, a social wall can help you identify your target audience. By understanding which part of your event was most valued by guests, you can learn what aspects of your event need improvement wherever necessary.

Choosing a Social Media Aggregator

No social media aggregator is the same. It is important that you are able to filter or moderate the content that can be shown on the screen. This includes inappropriate pictures or language, content created by competitors or content that your organisation does not see as appropriate. This is a service that Social Sticker are proud to offer.

Make sure that your social media aggregator can provide instant updates so that your feed remains continuous throughout the event. Social media platforms often limit what content can be accessed by certain providers, so it is important to work with a company that is well established.

Other factors that you should consider when choosing your social media aggregator is making sure that those who are not on the particular social platform of your choice can still contribute. You could have a member of your social team get people to post for photos behind a frame that has your branding and share it onto the wall! There are plenty of ideas you could think of, it’s all about being creative!

Finally, you should ensure that your social media aggregator allows you to brand your content that is displayed properly. This is something Social Sticker are proud to offer as we believe it is an important aspect for you to stick to your branding guidelines. Without customisation, it would stick out, but not in a good way!

Considering if a Social Wall is Right for your Event

There are a few things you must think about when deciding on what would be the right social wall for your event. It is important to consider where you will find the majority of your audience. So, if your guests are the kind to not use social media at all, then a social wall may not be for you. These days, however, that kind of audience may be hard to find, so think about what platform which you are more likely to find your audience. Are they usually on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Something else to think about when deciding to use a social wall is whether you are working with a venue that can facilitate it. If your venue does not have digital signage or projectors, then you may need additional tech in order for it to be set up and screened. This could come at an additional cost to your budget.

Lastly, you should consider who is going to be in charge of the content that will be displayed on the social wall. If you are hosting a large event and are responsible for everything, then a social wall could be an added responsibility. Under these circumstances, it is a good idea to think about working with someone who can offer on-site support.

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