Using a Social Wall for Market Research

People share a wide array of content on social media, whether it be news articles, funny memes, photos or more. However, they also use it for the purpose of sharing their thoughts and opinions about a variety of topics. This is why using a social wall for market research is something you should seriously consider.

Social media can be an extremely powerful tool that can help inform marketers about what people think about a particular topic or event at a particular time. Think about the recent #MeToo movement that went viral after people started sharing their personal stories to show their support to victims of sexual assault and harassment. It highlighted how necessary it is that we speak about these issues and address the fact that this needs to change. The hashtag caught on fast, becoming a banner to rally support.

How you can use a Social Wall for Market Research

The wonderful thing about social media is that you can take any moment to have a look at what is going on. This is done by simply by searching for specific hashtags or keywords or displaying all of this information on a social wall. When you can mix individual posts, tweets and hashtags in a single column location, you can get a good idea of how groups may share an opinion or experience, or perhaps how groups differ in their views. From a marketing perspective, this information is invaluable.

For example, positive posts, tweets and hashtags about a particular brand or product that are part of a promotional campaign can be priceless to a company that is trying to establish their brand. One bad tweet, however, can have the opposite effect. If one person who was somewhat influential to others tweeted about a bad experience, then this can hinder the brands’ reputation.

Creating Momentum

However, if a group of people were to discuss their positive experiences with the product or service on social media, or even follow it, this is seen as a personal endorsement without any added efforts from the company. By gathering this information, it creates a momentum. You can do the search yourself or you can use Social Sticker to do this on your behalf.

You can use our Twitter wall to look at what people do and don’t like, as well as their moods and behaviour. This information can be used to help shape your marketing campaigns, change how people see you as well as “nudging” their perspectives on your products or services.

So, if an event management company were to share email updates to attendees with the intention of getting them excited about the event, it would only be a one-way street. Attendees are unlikely to respond straight away. An event management company would be much better off trying to capture and share the excitement through social. This will help to promote the event but will also build momentum for people who are attending the event because they have the opportunity to directly express how they feel.

Gather Information on the Big Day

What’s more, a social wall such as a Twitter wall from Social Sticker can enable you to gather information DURING your event! You can see the highs and lows to determine what worked and what could be improved for next time. You can establish what it is your attendees want from you in the future, whether it be from your events or your products or services.

Though you may get the odd few who may not be telling the truth or are being paid to endorse a brand, you will still receive a much bigger response on social media than you would anywhere else.

Talk to Social Sticker

A Twitter wall can provide your company with a collection of valuable information about what your audience wants and what they love. This is why it is an essential tool for your marketing strategy. To find out more about how a Twitter Wall can give you more from your event, get in touch.

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