How a Social Wall can Benefit and Improve your Business

Social walls have turned traditional advertising and promotions to its head. In the old days, having businesses invest heavily in advertisements and marketing materials that promote its product or service at a live event would be the norm. Now, the responsibility of spreading the word about an event in real-time can be passed onto the those who are there (or not, in some cases).

But how does this work? The answer is simple: a social wall can leverage the worldwide reach of social media platforms in a way advertisement cannot. A social media wall has hardware and software components. The hardware consists of digital signage or digital monitors (generally large in size) that display social media posts in real-time or near real-time. It is powered by specialised collaborative software that managed and controls how the social media posts and photos flow.

When a social wall and its components work together as one, guests are then empowered to promote the event at the touch of their fingertips by sending out social posts to their friends and followers, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In other words, your attendees are advertising the event on their social media accounts, meaning you don’t have to! You have received your first ROI for your event by having people promote for you, saving costs on paid promotion.

Benefits of a Social Wall for your Business

Here are just some of the ways in which your business would benefit from a social wall:

  • Businesses can launch killer social media campaigns for a smaller budget
  • Social Walls can generate a positive buzz and can promote brand awareness
  • Customer Engagement will increase with your brand, therefore improving ROI
  • Overall organic social media reach reaches further than you’d expect
  • Heightens public interest to your event by displaying a constantly-updated and curated stream of user-generated content.
  • Extends social media networking to industry influencers
  • Offers instant analytics about the size and changes of social shares at an event

More Customer Engagement

From the customers or guest’s perspective, a social wall can empower them to create “user-generated content” (UGC), which is also referred to as fan-generated content. This will elevate their status on social media while at the same time give your brand the much-needed promotion it deserves.

By sharing their thoughts and images with the followers, guests magnify the impact of your event. Posts and photos on the social wall and any with your events hashtag or handle on Twitter will allow anyone who is online to see what is going on at your event. As a result, the digital world becomes your stage!

Guests will also be given the rare opportunity of seeing their social media photos and posts on huge digital displays for everyone at the event to see. It is a liberating experience to see your name and photo on a 65-inch LED monitor as opposed to a 5-inch display on a smartphone.

Talk to Social Sticker

So, now you know how a social wall can benefit your business in many ways at your event, what are you waiting for? Social Sticker can provide you with a Twitter wall that will wow your attendees and gets them talking about what a wonderful event you are hosting. Get in touch to find out more or take a look at how our social wall works.

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