Integrate a Social Wall into your Digital Signage

A social wall is a wonderful addition to somewhere you can place your digital signage. They allow you to put together the best content surrounding your brand with a user-friendly display that can be moderated and monitored as it is screened live across your event. What’s even better is the fact that you don’t even need to update any hardware to your device in order to do it! We like things simple, which is why we created our Twitter Wall to be easy to integrate with your social media so that you can get everything set up within minutes!

Setting up a Social Wall for your Digital Signage

Social walls can be completely customisable. So, if you have a large-scale display, there is no need to worry! We can work with you to ensure that you have a fully customised experience that works in line with your needs and objectives.

But let’s move on. We would rather show you what you can do with our social wall, so here are our top three uses!

Your Next Event

This is probably the most common use for anyone who comes to us for their social wall needs. It’s also our favourite choice! No matter the type, you can rest knowing that a social wall from Social Sticker can bring in tonnes of engagement from your attendees. You can advertise brand hashtags on your screens, get a competition going and share the best tweets for everyone to see. What’s more, it’s premium advertising space for your sponsors!

In the Office

Go, team! If you are the manager of human resources in your company and you need a simple way to get the employees engaged, then your company would benefit from a social wall! It is perfect for sharing the latest news across the office and can even encourage your team to start talking about the business more! Won an award? Put it on a Wall! Foosball Friday? The wall! Debating who makes the best brews in the office? You know the answer.

It’s engaging for your employees to have a place to share their wins and daily anecdotes. A social wall is one of the simplest ways to manage announcements within the business. Simply upload a photo or video and let it refresh! It will provide your employees with a platform to express themselves and discuss their lives in the company. It will certainly give your company a good image too!

At your University

From creating a general announcement board to be screened in communal areas, to discuss the latest sports team news, a social wall is ideal for any university. You can create different hashtags surrounding different departments within the entire university. You can be sure that the content and research that the experts on campus share will be seen by as many people as possible. Don’t limit the innovations of further education. Let it shine!

From live sporting events to course information, no academic centre is too big or too small to ignore the power of a social wall. The impact it can have is huge. Just think about how proud your students will be to share their photos during graduation!

Talk to Social Sticker

These are just three examples out of an endless list of how a social wall can be used to expand your digital signage. The engagement you can get from it will benefit your business on a great scale. If you want to know more, get in touch with Social Sticker to see how we can help you put together a dream social wall for your event. You can also learn more about how our wall works here.

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