Integrate a Social Wall into your Digital Signage: Part 2

A social wall is a wonderful addition for places where you need digital signage. You can curate the best content with Social Sticker’s user-friendly moderation and have it displayed live across as many screens as you may need. You don’t even need to update your hardware to do it!

Last week, we discussed the many ways in which you can integrate a social wall in an event, an educational sector or at the office. This week, we are discussing even more ways in which you can use a social wall to transform your digital signage into a wonderfully connected experience.

Digital Signage at a Concert

Whether you are hosting at an indoor venue or you are in charge of a huge, outdoor festival, Social Sticker is here to help. Music concerts are the perfect time to turn your digital signage into a social wall. Why? Because it will be packed with picture-perfect moments. With a social wall from Social Sticker, you can customise your feed so that everything is displayed just how you would like it to be.

Indubitably, your concert attendees will be actively engaging with the screens to keep an eye out for their latest selfies. At the same time, they will be exposed to your sponsors, announcements and messages from the brand. What’s more, by placing digital signage at a concert or festival, you can easily moderate everything that gets shared.

At a Conference

Get your attendees to engage in conversation while your speakers are on the stage. Having direct calls to action during an event to redirect attendees to where you need them to be. You can also use the social wall to direct them to the next workshops, ask them questions or get them to share their top quotes from speakers.

By integrating social media at a conference, not only will you be boosting the interactions between attendees who choose to participate. In fact, the social wall will allow all content to live and grow organically outside of your event to reach new audiences. It is safe to say that social media can build more opportunities for networking and create hype surrounding your event.

At a Tradeshow

When attending a tradeshow, it can be rather difficult for your booth to stand out among the competitors that have stalls around you. A digital screen is a wonderful way to go beyond the use of overused printed flyers. There is no need to wait around for printed material if you have instant access to a social wall. Our social walls can be set up within minutes, giving you more time to focus on the audience.

If you want to really grab the attention of potential customers, get them engaging! Use a social wall to have them send a tweet in exchange for a freebie or have them pose in a fun photo booth that is packed with your branding.

Talk to Social Sticker

So, now you know many ways in which you can make use of a social wall as part of your digital signage, why not get in touch? We can offer an easy to use and easy to customise social wall that is sure to get attendees talking about your event and brand. Contact us today to find out more.

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