How to Display a Twitter Wall at your Event

When considering a Twitter wall for your event, or even for daily use, there is always one question that comes to mind: “Where will the wall be displayed?” You may think that you are okay to choose any old device, but there is always a time and place for everything. How you display a Twitter wall should be determined by the circumstances of your event.

Choosing how to Display a Twitter Wall

There are a few things that must be considered when deciding how you will display a Twitter wall. The first is your budget. How big can you afford to go? Is there space for a lavish wall screening? Perhaps you can only afford to work with what you already have? Your budget is important before you make any big decisions.

The next thing is to think about what the Twitter wall is going to be used for. Is it an outdoor festival where it must be seen by thousands, or is it a private talk with maybe no more than 50 guests? You may even be using it as an announcement board in university halls or community buildings. Once you know the purpose of your wall, you can then think about what options are available.

Finally, you need to think about location. Whatever the venue, there will be a selected list of spaces in which you can place your Twitter wall. You will need to plan out the rooms according to your needs. Therefore, you must factor in the possibilities for your Twitter wall location.

If you don’t know where to start with your choices, the team at Social Sticker are here to provide you with a few options!

Television Screens

If you are hosting a small event, or you are sharing announcements in communal rooms, then you may only need a simple television screen. You don’t need a huge screen if you are in a small room. You can make the most out of the rest of the space and keep your Twitter wall in a noticeable, yet small area.

Projector with or without a Screen

If you want people to notice your Twitter Wall in larger spaces, then a projector may be best. You can use these with either a white screen or without, depending if you have an area with blank white space. However, the budget you have can determine the quality of the projection, so be sure to ask around. Check online reviews, see if there are any photos of the projectors in use to determine if the quality is good enough for your event.

LED screen Systems

This is a fantastic option for those with a big budget! LED screens can make your Twitter wall the star of the show, then displaying it on a huge LED screen system is definitely the way to go! This is a brilliant choice if you are hosting an awards ceremony, gala, or something just as extravagant. There are many options available for this type of display, so be sure to have a look online and seek professional advice.

Talk to Social Sticker

We hope this guide will help you determine what kind of screen you will need for your event. Remember, it’s always important to speak to someone if you choose an LED screening system or a high-tech projector. Once you have this figured out, you need the Twitter wall to go with it! Talk to Social Sticker today to see how our Twitter wall can give your event the promotion it deserves.

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