5 Quick Ways to Monetise your Twitter Wall

If done right, a Twitter Wall can become an important source of revenue at your events and in public spaces. This week, we shall explain ways in which you can monetise your Twitter Wall.

Monetise your Twitter Wall in a Timely Manner

One of the biggest perks of having a Twitter Wall is that it can easily be adapted while your event is taking place. For example, during lunch breaks, you can use this time to give ad space to food sponsors and vendors. They get more customers and you get a small cut for giving them exposure. It’s a win-win!

Direct CTA (Calls to Action)

Are you offering a huge discount on next years tickets? Get people to @ you on your Twitter wall. It’s an easy way for your sales team to get in touch with those interested. What’s more, it will provide social proof for other guests that this is a deal they cannot afford to miss!

A direct call to action can also help during an event to get attendees where you want them to be. So, if a workshop isn’t as full as you would like, you can give it a mention. This gives the workshop exposure and ensures your attendees won’t miss out on this opportunity!

There are many other ways in which you can use your Twitter wall to get your attendees engaging. This will, in turn, bring in more attention from those outsides of your event. The more attention you receive, the more likely you are to bring in more sales!


You should know by now that we think a Twitter wall should be the front and centre of your digital signage. Your Twitter wall provides a wonderful opportunity for your sponsors and partners to also invest in advertising space. They can pay for time slots so that they can get the best coverage at the best times.

Expand your Audience

As mentioned, a Twitter wall should be able to reach those outside of your event as well as your attendees. Have engaging content and opportunities reach for your attendees to wish to get involved in. Create picture-worthy moments that will bring your reach as high as possible. A photo booth is a great way of doing this.

By creating memories for those currently attending, you are likely to bring in more sales for the following year. Your attendees will become your brand advocates, making it their job to tell the world what a wonderful event you host. Always showcase your Twitter wall near the perfect photo opportunity. Your attendees will be more inclined to get involved and help spread the word.

Let’s go Shopping!

Shoppable content is the latest in content marketing. Turn your content into a purchase opportunity for your attendees. Showcase your latest products and services on your Twitter wall so that guests know what they need to invest in next to get more from your brand.

Talk to Social Sticker

Now you know the five ways to monetise a Twitter wall at your next event, it’s time to invest! Get in touch with Social Sticker today to see how our Twitter wall can build up the buzz around your brand!

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