Ways to be More Efficient with your Social Media Management and Social Wall

Life moves quickly, but every social media manager knows the digital world is even faster. With all the tasks involved, it can get overwhelming, especially if you throw a social wall into the works! It is no surprise that efficiency is one of the most desirable traits of most social media managers. This week, we have a few ways in which you can improve your efficiency for both your social wall and general social media marketing.

Batch Work for your Social Wall

We know that feeling. It’s Sunday evening and it hits you: your social media schedule is empty! This may lead you to scramble to put together two or three posts to go out during the week or for your event. However, doing this means that they are likely to lack quality. They probably won’t represent the brand very well and they are likely to be ignored by your fans and attendees. What’s more, with busy schedules, there is a chance this could happen more often than you’d like. It can be incredibly stressful!

Thankfully, content creation can live without this stress. Batch working is the process of creating content for at least a month in advance. You just need to put aside a day or two to create highly engaging, strategic content to be proud of. You can then schedule things to go out automatically so that you don’t need to think about it until it’s time to do the next batch! This is also extremely handy for your social wall as you will be too busy on the big day to consistently send out tweets. So, having a selection of scheduled posts to go out that your attendees will find useful and engaging will certainly make things easier.

For many, this process helps to boost creativity. Getting into the habit of creating content with no interruptions from other tasks can help you focus. This will allow your best work to shine through! Putting time aside to develop high-quality posts will make a huge difference for your social media accounts. It also frees up time for you to work on more complex areas of your social media strategy.

Define a Social Media Scheduling System

No one wants to engage with a social media feed that shares the same message repeatedly. Having a schedule helps to ensure your content is supporting every brand goal through entertainment, education and communications regarding products and services.

Before you begin, reference your research on your target markets. What gets your audience excited? What may they ask about your industry? Make a list of these and categorise them. You should address the big ones frequently in your social media posts. You should also think about the other content you have to share. This could be blog posts, videos, events, case studies and more. Your social media schedule should have posts form your selected categories. This helps to build variety to sustain interest and ensure you’re offering the best customer service.

Expand your Social Media Kit

Whether your budget doesn’t end or you’re working with nothing, it’s important to find the right software to support your social media efforts. The right tools can cut down the time you spend on your social media presence. Not to mention, the stress will also be dramatically reduced. There are any options out there, from Hootsuite to Tweetdeck, but it’s all about the platform that works for you!

Most apps require a payment plan to get the most from their capabilities, but there are many free plans too. These can work for brands with smaller budgets or when you’d like to test your options before committing. Here are a few tools that offer free or affordable options as well as full plans.

  • Unsplash – Offers free images under the Creative Commons license
  • Canva – Easy graphic design tool with templates, images, fonts and more
  • Hootsuite – Comes with paid and free plans for scheduling your social media content.
  • Tailwind – Develop content from within the program, aggregate posts form anywhere online using the plug-in and schedule it for automatic posting.
  • Juicer – An easy to use social media tool, Juicer does all the heavy lifting. It can aggregate the best content from more than 15 social media sites in a design that suits your website.

Try Social Sticker

Next time you think the workload is getting too much, or the stress of keeping your social wall active is too excessive, try these tricks. When the time comes for your next big event, sign up to Social Sticker and let these handy tips keep your social wall looking busy!

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