Why Smart Marketers use Twitter Walls

With 97 per cent of marketers using social media, it is more important than ever to search for new ways to leverage user-generated content (UGC). Brands often now use the always-on-marketing approach. Having a reliable way of aggregating UGC is important if you want your social media strategy to succeed. The issue that many marketers face when trying to implement UGC is figuring out how to encourage their target audience to share. This should be done in a way that is engaging, highlights live interactions and drives conversions. What is the solution to this problem? Twitter Walls!

The Benefits of Twitter Walls

Twitter walls, and other social walls are a one-of-a-kind marketing solution that enables marketers to redisplay content that their audience has already shared socially. Often done with services such as Social Sticker, Twitter walls and social walls offer a fresh spin on typical advertising. It does this by enabling marketers to gain the attention of their audience at the right time, in the right place and with the right content. Here are just a few benefits of having a Twitter wall:

  • Generating UGC in a way that is scalable and can be used for many channels of marketing.
  • Acts as an engine for content. Can be utilised for higher performing content in marketing campaigns.
  • Boosts engagement and audience participation during live events.
  • Enables brands to promote keywords, driving brand awareness.
  • Helps to uncover influencers.
  • Offers insights and analytics such as impressions through real-time engagement.
  • Homes opportunities for networking that can maximise social reach after events.

How Twitter Walls Drive Revenue

Twitter walls and social walls can assist marketers in driving revenue in a few various ways. They can push out sponsorships, advertising space, or even bring in donations. Aggregated content from Twitter walls during an event could be turned into branded content. You will often find that the right UGC means less content for you to create yourself. This is because your audience is essentially selling your services for you!

How Easy is it to Use Twitter Walls and Social Walls?

Though Twitter walls come with technical requirements, you will find that they are very easy to set up and use. You often need a digital signage display or a digital monitor, a laptop and an HDMI cable. It’s a simple case of plug-in and go! When you choose Social Sticker for your Twitter wall display, you can easily customise the layout to suit how you think looks best. You can also add your own branding so that the display truly reflects everything you are as a brand.

Get in touch with Social Sticker

If you would like to give your marketing strategy that much-needed boost at your next event, then look no further. Social Sticker is here to provide you with a stunning social wall that will encourage UGC, giving your brand a competitive edge. Sign up today to get started!

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