3 Ways to use a Social Wall in Retail

In recent years, social walls and twitter walls have become a popular choice of digital signage in retail. Retailers and shopping centres around the world have utilised this as a way to increase customer engagement. To bring social media campaigns to the limelight for your retail store, you may want to consider a social wall. The easiest way would be to use a Twitter wall, as this is an easy and instant posting platform for your audience to use.

Use a Social Wall in Retail to encourage high street shopping

Shopping centres are facing tough competition from cheap and online retail that is easily available. As many should be starting their Christmas shopping any day now, retail needs a way to look ideal. Enhancing your marketing technology with the implementation of a social wall or Twitter wall is a fantastic way to do this.

How to use a Social Wall in Retail

We have reached a point where customers are no longer interested in traditional marketing strategies. What’s more, the idea of heading to the high street on a busy weekend is often seen as stressful. It’s important to find ways to make it fun, engaging and memorable for the consumer. Here, we have 3 ways any retail store or shopping centre can make use of a social wall.

Attractive and Subtle Advertisements

Billboards, newspaper ads and other offline marketing techniques are less effective these days. A social wall or Twitter wall will make the advertisements more engaging and interactive. This helps people to view it less as an advertisement and more of a fun activity to partake in. You can also use a Twitter wall to advertise offers and discounts to your shoppers while they’re in your store. You can involve your shoppers by using their tweets and displaying them on your screen.

Hashtag Competitions

You can increase brand value through the use of hashtag competitions. Create a unique hashtag for your store and use your social wall to encourage shoppers to use it for the chance to win shopping vouchers or products. There are many ways to go about this, from having them share photos to creating shopping puns. The list could go on. Get creative and see how you can get your shoppers involved!

Festive hashtags

The festive season means you can create hashtags that come with a Christmassy pun to encourage people to get involved. Despite shoppers disliking the mad hunt for Christmas presents, the majority of them love anything that gets them into the festive spirit. Use your social wall to talk all things Christmas and get your shoppers to join in! Share images of your festive products and tell shoppers to do the same.

Benefits of a Social Media Wall in Retail

The cost of offline marketing can be quite high. From designing and printing flyers to hiring promotional staff, there is much you probably won’t wish to invest in. With digital signage and a social wall, you can get the shoppers involved, which is essentially free marketing! Your shoppers will do most of the promotion for you. You just need to give them a boost.

Social media posts on digital signage can give your sales a huge boost. A social wall or Twitter wall can build trust with customers, influencing them to make purchases. If a shopper shares a tweet about their latest purchase with you, it will encourage others to do the same.

Real-time Moderation

Customer sharing bad content? That’s no problem, especially with a Twitter wall from Social Sticker. Our walls come with moderation so that you can make sure only the best content makes its way onto your screen!

Try Social Sticker for Free

These are the best ways for you to use a social wall in retail. We believe that a Twitter wall is best as it is instant, meaning your shoppers can engage in a flash. If you are looking for a social wall for your retail business, then look no further. Social Sticker is here to give you the ideal digital signage for your store. Sign up for free today and see what your Twitter wall could look like!

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