How a Twitter Wall can Improve Hospitality Marketing

How often have you scrolled through your social feeds to find images and videos of people you know enjoying a holiday abroad? Whenever they post anything regarding the hotel they’re staying at or the restaurants they’re eating in, they’re subconsciously promoting the businesses. Because of this, we know how a Twitter wall can help improve hospitality marketing.

Ways a Twitter Wall Improve Hospitality Marketing

Digital word of mouth often comes in a few forms, whether it be photos, videos, tweets, blog posts and more. It’s this act of brand promotion by an unpaid contributor that many hospitality brands and businesses could make use of. How? With a Twitter wall of course! So, what are the ways in which a Twitter wall can help with hospitality marketing?

Showcases Hotel Facilities and Offerings

When someone posts photos of their visit to your hotel or restaurant, they are sharing information about your brand, facilities and more. When they take a photo of themselves by the pool with a cocktail, they’re showing their audience what they are missing.

Encourage this element of hospitality marketing with a Twitter wall. Ask your guests what they are up to while at your resort or restaurant! Ask them questions regarding their favourite cocktail, request photos of them laying poolside for you to retweet and share with your followers.

You can also use a Twitter wall to remind guests of facilities they may have not yet taken advantage of. Think about certain features of your hotel, or food from your menu, that needs more attention. Give it a shout-out to encourage customers and visitors to give it a try. They will likely share their opinion via Twitter afterwards too, meaning you have more content promoting your services!

Helps to Create Trust

Consumers prefer to see photos by visitors as opposed to anything staged. This can be encouraged via a Twitter wall. You could consider hosting a competition for your visitors to tag you in their photos and use a specific hashtag. Ask them to create a funny caption, or to caption it with their favourite thing about your resort or restaurant.

People want to see what other people think about you, not what you tell them to think. When your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are filled with nothing but owned media, it appears rather self-serving and product-centric. By using a Twitter wall, you can prompt your visitors to share their experience. The more personal endorsement you receive, the more likely you are to gain new visitors!

Keeps your Social Media Active

Creating content for your brand can be rather time-consuming. Despite the fact that you can curate content, your audience will be after content that is relevant to your services. When you use user-generated content (UGC), you can post more consistently as opposed to only when you have new content.

Remember, you needn’t wait for UGC to happen on its own. You can use the above examples to offer incentives and get your visitors involved in the conversation. A Twitter wall is the best way to go about this as you can be the conversation starter. Use a special hashtag and get some topics going to encourage your visitors to get talking!


UGC is an excellent marketing tool as it is authentic. With the use of a Twitter wall, you can encourage your visitors to spread the word. With the decline of people trusting brand advertising, it is important to incorporate UGC. A Twitter wall can do just that.

Talk to Social Sticker

We believe that a Twitter wall is the best form of social wall for any business, whether it be in hospitality, retail or events. This is because Twitter is the easiest social media platform for people to instantly access. Sign up to Social Sticker and see how your Twitter wall could look.

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