3 ways a Social Wall can benefit your Café, Restaurant or Bar

For many local businesses, social media marketing can be disappointing. You think it to be as simple as posting a few photos of your amazing food, and the customers will come flooding in, but there’s much more to it than that. Posting content to entice your customers requires time, effort and energy. As a business owner, you will probably be spending more of your time on the service than the social, so how do you get around that?

Use a Social Wall to let the Content speak for itself

Having a social wall in your café, restaurant or bar, can do wonders for your customer engagement. You will probably need to get things started, but after that, you can simply go about your business day as usual. Here, we explain the three main benefits of having a social wall in your business.

Customer and Audience Engagement

First and foremost, having a social wall, no matter what you may be using it for, is designed for engagement. If you put a social wall in front of your customers, they will be far more likely to get socially involved. It’s a simple case of getting the conversation started, but we will talk more on that later. Once the conversation starts, it can be hard to stop! You will find that when one person starts filling the wall with their content, others will want to do the same.

The Content sparks Influence

When people share content onto a social wall, it is rarely bad. Creating a reason for people to say positive things about your business influences those who aren’t there. Something as simple as a few kind words is enough to encourage others to pay you a visit the following week. So, it’s important that you give people a platform where they can say such lovely things about you! If you’re worried about the odd negative comment, that’s what the moderation feature is for.

User-Generated Content

Photos, videos, Boomerangs and more, can all be done for you by having a social wall. How? As we mentioned, getting a conversation flowing with a social wall starts with you. But once you get the ball rolling, everyone else will do their own thing! This includes media such as photos of your dishes, videos of live performances (karaoke anyone?) and much more. Don’t forget the number of micro-influencers making their way onto social media, with many of them being local. If you’re food or venue is photo-worthy, you can be sure to receive plenty of user-generated content from your social wall.

Get the Ball Rolling

Here are just a few simple ways to get the conversation flowing:

  • Create a Hashtag for your customers to use
  • Quick photo opportunities – “Snap a pic of your food for a free filter coffee!”
  • Polls – Are you a tea or coffee person?
  • Ask your customers questions
  • You could even try an interactive quiz

So, are you Ready?

Once you’re ready to boost your engagement through your customers, turn to Social Sticker. We have fully customisable and moderated options for your social wall, so sign up today!

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