Put a spring in your step with these tips on how to promote your Easter event!

While it is still officially a holy day for Christians, Easter has become one of the busiest holidays for venues, restaurants, and many other service businesses. Everyone has something lined up, so it’s essential that you do the same for your business. If you have nothing planned yet, don’t panic! It’s not too late to throw something together, and this guide will help you promote it just in time for Easter weekend.

Promote your Easter event: Start now

You may have seen that many venues, restaurants, shops and more have already started promoting their events and sales. When waiting too long to plan your own event, you may find yourself getting lost in the noise. This is why now is the time to get started. Don’t beat around the bush about what your event is either. Get straight to the point so that people know exactly what they are attending.

Events press

There are many websites for local areas that give people the low-down on what’s not to be missed. Make sure your event is on there, by getting in touch with the publishers to let them know about your big event. In some cases, you may have to pay to be featured, but if it’s a popular and trusted website, it could bring fantastic returns!


Will you be using your own venue, or someone else’s? No matter the location, be sure to allow space for maximum capacity without it being too cramped and allow for at least a 60 per cent no-show. That way, your event will be remembered as the busiest in town. You will sometimes see businesses make the last-minute decision to downsize their venue choice. If your event doesn’t sell enough tickets, you may want to follow this tactic to make it seem busier on the day.

Event’s page

Do you want your visitors to find your event on Facebook, or perhaps get tickets via a separate website? A Facebook page is essentially a digital flyer to your event, so regardless of where you choose to provide tickets, a Facebook page should be the landing page for people to find their next actions for attending.

Build a buzz

Now is the time to get promoting. Whether it be offline or online, there are many ways to get your event seen and heard about. Create flyers, add paid promotion to your Facebook event, and be consistent with your social posting.

On the day

Don’t forget that a social wall is a fantastic tool to keep your event promoted during and after the event, so be sure to sign up to Social Sticker! We offer a range of fully customisable social walls so that your event becomes the talk of the town. If you’re not sure, why not check out our demo?

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