Letting audiences build your brand

At some point, as a business owner and marketer, you will need to give in to the idea that you can trust your customers and clients to decide what your brand is. Some marketers are also strict on what their employees can say in regard to the brand, but this can often be a mistake.

Surrendering the narrative to build your brand

With a social wall from Social Sticker, you can see exactly what we mean. For context, we help brands, businesses, community event organisers and more to tell great stories through the eyes of their audience. Yes, you can still get the final say in what people see on the screen, but you are still trusting others to create the content that builds your brands reputation in an authentic manner.

Influence, not governance

Your audience is already telling the story on your behalf, whether you like it or not. They are posting about your brand. This could be either good or bad. Social media has given anyone with access the ability to share whatever is on their mind about your brand with their own audience. In some cases, these people have a huge reach.

This can be a very scary thought if you think about it too much. You may find yourself questioning how you can prevent people from saying bad things about your brand or how you can limit the exposure. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

Instead of limiting exposure, of course, you could simply craft a good message that resonates with your audience. Make your message about them, not you. The way to do this is to treat your customers well, listen to them and make them a part of your brand journey.

Trust your audience with Social Sticker

It seems like such a simple concept in theory, but it is easily lost in practice. This is why we offer a service that allows you to trust your audience and have them tell your story. With a social wall from Social Sticker, you can see just how easy it is to expand your brand by looking through the eyes of your audience. Sign up today to see how a social wall can benefit your business or next event!

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