How to Promote your Brand at a Festival

Promoting your business at festivals can be a fantastic way for you to reach your target market. No matter the size of the festival, it’s important to invest your time and budget in the right resources and preparations. To ensure you get the most out of this investment, it’s important to take some time in your thought and planning. This week, we shall discuss the things to consider when you promote your brand at a festival!

Promote your brand at a festival… But which one?

It’s not just about being able to promote at every festival possible. It’s great to put your foot in the door as much as you can, but it’s just as important to make sure you don’t waste your time and money at a festival that won’t have the audience you need.

Start by thinking about exactly who your target audience is and where you are likely to find them festival or not. Then, make a list of all upcoming festivals and split them into categories such as music, food or culture. From there you can determine which of these festivals would likely host your target market, and how you can adapt your marketing efforts to each one individually.

So, you know where to promote… Now what?

Once you know which festivals you would like to attend, you need to get in touch with the organisers as soon as possible to figure out how things work, what’s available and any other information that will help you get the most out of your promotional display. This includes:

  • The size of the space you will have
  • Whether you will need a protective cover in case it rains
  • How far you will be parked from your display
  • If you need power or water for your display

Plan how you will display and promote your brand

Once you know what you have to work with, you can start planning your setup for each festival. Think about the purpose of your display. For example, will it benefit your brand to let people walk in and around your display, or would it be better for you to stand behind a table and have people approach you?

You also need to think about how you will get people to approach your display. Think about competitions, photobooths, even a social wall! You could consider giving away samples and more but be sure to check with the festival organisers first if this is okay. If you’re attending a smaller festival, you don’t want to risk handing out freebies that are being sold at another stall!

You will also need to think about the display material you may need, such as posters, banners and more. Finally, you will need to think about how you plan to collect customer information. If you have a competition planned, it will be easier to collect email addresses, but have a think about the many things you can do.

During the festival

The day has finally arrived! You have had plenty of time to prepare and you feel ready to get out there and promote your brand. Try to get to the festival with plenty of time to set up and be ready for any potential last-minute oversights.

Remember to have your social wall ready so that all festival goers have something to make them want to engage with your brand online as well as face to face. A social wall is an essential tool for gaining live social engagement that will expand your online reach. Check out our demo to see how it works!

After the festival

If necessary, follow up with any contacts you have made during the festival. You should then spend some time reviewing your success before you move on to the next one. What did and didn’t work? Did it have anything to do with the type of festival you were at or was it simply your choice of setup? Weigh the pros and cons to help see what you can change for next time.

Keep your target market engaging with a social wall

We hope you found this helpful and feel a bit more ready to promote your brand at your next festival. When it’s time to display your brand, you should want to encourage an online conversation as well as face to face. With a social wall from Social Sticker, you can do just that! Sign up now or check out our demo to see how the social wall works.

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