Festival promotion checklist

Promoting your business at a festival this year? With such a busy environment, you may find yourself being too easily lost in the crowd. This is why you need to make sure you have the best materials to bring people to your stall. Check out this festival promotion checklist to get yourself started!

Social wall

The first thing you should definitely have at your promotional stall is a social wall. We have mentioned many times how well a social wall can encourage online engagement between your brand and your audience.

Photo booth

To get people on board with using your social wall, of course, you will need some tools to get them excited. A photo booth is a great way to encourage people to approach your booth and use your hashtag. As people see others approaching your stall, they will likely be curious and make their way over as well!


In addition to your photo booth, you will likely need to make it fun! Consider buying props so that each person takes a unique photo. Wigs, inflatables, and feather boas are just a few things that you could think about adding for people to use. They’re simple, silly and fun, making them failsafe if you are working with a smaller budget too!


Who doesn’t love a good freebie? And at a festival, you are in the perfect position to be providing people with freebies that they will make use of. Consider water bottles, small emergency kits, rain macs, tent accessories and more! The list here is absolutely endless, so be sure to do some research to narrow down what you think would be the perfect items to giveaway.


If you offer an online service, now would be the best time to offer exclusive discounts! You could give away the same voucher to people as they pass by, but to make it more fun, you could consider a spinning wheel so that people spend more time at your stall and receive something different each time.

Reusable marketing materials

The weather in Britain is extremely fickle. If you plan to bring a range of marketing materials, you need to ensure they are durable and reusable to ensure you are not constantly replacing them each time you head to a new event. You may think it would be easier to invest in marketing materials that you can dispose of when you’re done, but it will save you more money if you buy materials you can reuse.

Free coffee!

Going back to freebies, there’s one that will be appreciated by many festival attendees: Coffee! This is something they will definitely want to help continue the festivities, so why not offer a free cup in the morning? Set up a small seating area so that while they can drink, they can talk to you about your brand. It’s a fantastic way to get some time with potential customers.

Be ready for any event with Social Sticker

We hope you found this list helpful. If you’re promoting your business at a festival and would like to add a social wall to boost social engagement, look no further than Social Sticker. Sign up today!

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