Ways to Market Your Hotel for the Summer

Summer is here, and with it are longer days and warmer weather! For those who work in the hotel industry, it also brings the chance to welcome more guests. If you’re one of these people, you will know the importance of keeping your hotel occupancy high throughout the season. If you’ve been struggling to fill your rooms this year, don’t worry. Here are some things you can do to market your hotel for summer to ensure people continue to make bookings and even prepare for autumn!

Last minute bookings

Many people who travel for summer tend to do so in advance. However, this doesn’t mean you have missed your opportunity to market your hotel! Now may be the best time to make a song and dance about how you have rooms available for those who are after a last-minute break. Use social media to share special offers for last minute bookings to help fill those gaps.

Give your online content a summer makeover

Does your hotel come with a pool? Is it near a beach or other places for outdoor activities? Make sure you emphasise this on your social media platforms. This will give holiday goers a compelling reason to choose your hotel over your competitors. You could even work with nearby attractions to provide discounts to those who stay with you.

Focus on your target audience

Take a look at your more popular booking types. Are they families? Groups of friends? Couples? If you seem to have formed a niche, whether it is intentional or not, continue to push your hotel to this audience. Couples who are after a romantic break won’t appreciate being surrounded by families and children. Or, if your hotel is packed with families, make this known! Tell your audience that you have a range of activities to keep the kids entertained and let the parents know what they will benefit from too. This could be spa facilities, bar information, late night entertainment and more.

Get into the spirit of the summer holidays

Are there any big events that happen in your area during the summer months? Think about local fairs, parades, festivals and more. If your hotel is nearby, let people know that you have vacancies, so they don’t have to miss out this year due to lack of accommodation.

Competitive summer rates

If people are looking for a last-minute break, you will often find that they will be put off by the idea of paying through the roof. To encourage people to stay with you, as briefly mentioned earlier, you need to offer discounts to encourage people to choose your hotel for their holiday or weekend break. Use social media to announce flash sales when you could do with an accommodation boost. You could even offer a bonus night stay!

Use a social wall to let people know what they’re missing

A great way to get people to your hotel is to use your current guests to let people know what they’re missing out on. Set up a social wall with Social Sticker and set up a hashtag campaign and competition to get your guests talking about you online. Sign up to Social Sticker today to see how easy it is!

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