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Negative tweets

Negative or abusive Tweets

With Social Sticker, you can make use of full moderation. You have you have the choice to turn moderation on or off, with moderation on you have full control on approving or deleting all messages. With Social Sticker, you have control.

Twitter wall uploads

Upload/Refresh Speeds

We know you don’t want your event goers to wait. Which is why Social Sticker updates occur in real-time, you can shoose how often the screen refreshes in order to load the new messages.

Socail Wall connections

Bad internet connection

Social Sticker is built to be resilient. If the internet connection is unreliable, Social Sticker will keep working and will load new Tweets as soon as you’re back online.

Social wall analytics

Analytics and reporting

Social Sticker delivers post-event analytics so that you can
measure the impact of your social wall. Social Sticker keeps track of all
your Tweets during an event to provide you with a full post-event recap giving you all the insights you need.

Tweet wall screen resolution

Screen Ratios

Social Sticker automatically adapts to the screen size you are using at your venue. If you have specific challenges about your setup we can work with you to optimise the display and readability.

Twitter wall branding

Branding and logos

Social Sticker is fully customisable. You can brand your social wall to your identity and incorporate any logos or visual images to reflect the branding and identity of your organisation.

Social media wall search terms

Search Options

Social Sticker’s advanced search facility allows you to tune your Twitter search to make sure you display exactly what you want to on your social wall.

Social Wall and images

Image displays

Quite often, delegates at an event will tweet a photo. In this situation, Social Sticker will display the image.

Twitter Wall + Future


Social Sticker has no dependency on Flash or other plugins. Using Social Sticker requires no software downloads whatsoever. Social Sticker works straight out-of-the-box with any modern browser.