About Social Sticker

Social Sticker social media wall started life over 5 years ago. We were asked by a client who runs regular events to come up with a new way to create audience interaction and add value to the experience.

They wanted to get people talking and engaging with each other throughout the day, not just when they were having lunch!.

Social Media Wall at event
“People love to see their names and thoughts displayed for everyone to see, especially if their Tweet is useful, poignant or funny.”

We came up with the idea of a Social Media Wall. Harnessing all the interactions on social media in one place, and displaying them live to the audience.

Social Media Wall an immediate success

It was an immediate success. Seeing their own Tweets displayed for everyone to see encouraged audiences to Tweet more than ever. This resulted in responding and engaging with speakers, and each other, on the topics of the event.

  • The clients were delighted
  • Audience members were far more engaged
  • They were also able to see the real time opinions and questions through the day

From it’s humble beginnings as a simple display in one section of the conference, the Social Media Wall or Twitter Wall soon became a vital, interactive tool, used in all areas of the event to display real time audience responses to speakers, Q&As, and the full range of conference/event activities.

It wasn’t before long before our other clients saw the value of using a Twitter Wall at their events and, so, Social Sticker was born.

Resulting in the social media wall being used at events throughout the UK and worldwide.

Social Sticker is a great way to:

  • boost audience engagement
  • get your audience involved in your event

No matter whether it’s a business conferences or a sporting stage. With Social Sticker, it really is that easy!