How Does The Social Wall Work

We have tried to make the Social Sticker Social Wall as easy as possible to use, you don’t need to be a wiz or a programming expert to use it. The video below will give you an insight on how the social wall works along with the infomation boxes below. We are here to help so if you have a question the email us on

Twitter wall branding

Fully Customisable

Social Sticker Twitter wall is fully customisable to fit with your company or event branding. You are able to change the following:

  • Background colour and also you are able to add a background image.
  • Header and footer, you can upload images or using the editor you can change text colour along with font style and size.
  • Tweet display, you can choose how your tweets will be displayed by changing text colour, border colour along with backgound colour.

Moderation and your Social Wall

With a Social Sticker Twitter Wall you have the option to choose to automate your wall or set it to manually approve. Choosing to automate your wall will pull in all the social media messages based on the #hastags, search terms and usernames you have chosen.

When switching to manual approval you have full control over what to approve. Switching to manaully approve will create another tab which allows you to approve or delete the social messages you wish to appear on your twitter wall.

Engage your audience with a social wall
Social media wall search terms

Search Terms on your Social Wall

With a social sticker twitter wall, you can search on multiple terms at any one time. Searching on #hashtags usernames and or phrases. There is not limit on the number terms you can use. Just make sure you enter in each term or #hashtag seperately by pressing tab or enter as you input them.

Social Sticker will collect your search terms from the last 7 days.

Layout Choices for your Social Wall

With paid subscriptions you have the ability to choose different screen layouts. You can display singles tweets through to mulitple tweets on a masonary style layout. We currently have 6 different layout options but more are scheduled to be added. If you have a layout idea drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

Tweet wall screen resolution